Why I'm Running

There is a lot of Wolverine pride in our community, and with good reason: we have a regionally renowned football program, a musical program that has won countless awards, and our high school offers more AP classes than nearly any other district in the state. But if we’re honest, we have room to improve, as well.

DSC_0652-psWIR.jpgMy entire career has been in service of families, schools, and students, particularly those in low-income communities. I had a student in my second year of teaching who was charming, bright, and well-liked by his classmates and teachers. He wanted to go to college, and he even had some attention from football recruiters from local colleges and universities. He had a good GPA, but a low ACT score. It was low enough that he likely wouldn’t pass some his admissions requirements.

His ACT score was low enough that it was nearly impossible to get a qualifying score before the admissions window closed. I felt powerless. I wanted to take him back in time to change his whole education so that he and students like him could at least have the chance to achieve their dreams.

There are plenty of students like mine in Woodland Hills, students who are full of promise and hope that their efforts are heading toward something incredible. Public education promises that it will give students the opportunity to excel and to accomplish their goals.

I’ve spent the past several months meeting with parents, elected officials, and other leaders within our community. In these conversations, I’ve noticed three themes that continue to resonate: the need for more transparency and communication between those making the decisions for our schools and those who are impacted by those decisions, better discipline management that works for our students and their parents, and ensuring Woodland Hills has a reputation we can all be proud of.

As your school board member, I will fight to improve the possibilities for all the children in our district. There are so many great things already going on in our schools, but we can do more. On May 16th, vote to move our school district forward, and vote for me to be your Region Two School Board member.