About Paige

Paige Strasbaugh never could have imagined how teaching for two years in rural Mississippi would change her life. A Pittsburgh native, Paige found Mississippi a slow, yet challenging environment, especially in her classroom. There, she worked tirelessly to help her high school students achieve. Beyond leading her students academically, she also helped them find scholarships, counseled them on troubling personal matters, and celebrated their successes.

DSC_0750-ps-AP2.jpgPaige’s experiences in the south ignited a passion to help children and families. Since leaving Mississippi, she has gone on to earn her master’s degree in educational policy, advocate for early childhood education in Pennsylvania, mentor at-risk middle school youth, and lead first-year teachers in a developing country. She currently works at The Fred Rogers Company, where she manages educational deliverables for a National Science Foundation grant.

Paige wants to join the Woodland Hills school board to make a difference with kids and families in her own neighborhood. She looks forward to the opportunity to serve her neighbors and her community.